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Market wire in Nanhai metal scraps market in the morning
Dec 13 (LTIT) –On the premise of partial profit pressure in the copper market, Trump tweeted that further news of the trade agreement with China stimulated the capital to do a little more again. LME copper continued to fluctuate around us $6,150, while domestic copper futures edged back to below 49,000 a month. Next Monday is the futures delivery day. A slightly higher copper price in the month of exchange will bring stability to the price conversion, while copper-using factories will show cautious mood and pay attention to the trend after delivery after a week of continuous rise, fearing losses caused by the pressure of pullback. Judging from the better fundamentals of copper, the news is generally favorable, but short-term pressures such as high wind control pressure at the end of the year and after the rise in the domestic market will exert some pressure on the copper price, and it is estimated that the copper price of the future will reach a median of about 6,100 U.S. dollars.

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